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Credit application
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Credit Application

You call on us to deliver very quickly and we always give it our best. In return we ask that you pay us very quickly as well. We accept credit cards, cheques, cash, Canadian Tire coupons, etc. Please pay right away, failure to settle accounts as required will be considered sufficient for immediate cancellation of credit.

Name of Business & billing Address
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Established Date Nature of Business
Mailing Address (if different)
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Head Office Address (if different then the billing address)
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Describe if Other
Full Name and Address of Owner and Partner (if other than corporation)
Name Address
Other Company Information
Date business Started Number of Employees
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Landlord Information (if Rented)
Bank References
Address * ACCT No *
Bank Contact Title
Trade References(minimum of 3 are required)
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I hereby represent that I am authorized to submit the application on behalf of the customer named above, and that the information provided for the purpose of obtaining credit and is warranted to be true. I/we hereby authorize The Messengers International to investigate the references listed pertaining to my my/our credit and financial responsibility. It is agreed and understood that all the necessary collection and legal and interest (at 26.82% per annum maximum) may be charged to my company in the event of default or failure to pay for services rendered. I/we further represent that the customer applying for the credit has the financial ability and willingness to pay for all the invoices within the established terms.

The undersigned (A) certify all the information above to be true and complete, (B) authorize and consent to the receipt and provision of account and credit information from and to the Credit Grantors, Credit Bureaux, and Supplies of Service.