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Smart Choice

The Messengers International is a Courier beyond Couriers. We believe what we put in, we get back and more. We are consistently improving our business operations to ensure we are environmentally sound, efficient and profitable. At the same time we deliver the best service in Toronto, we provide VALUE.

Although we have the best On-Time delivery available, below are some value-added reasons that make The Messengers International your "Smart Choice". Please come back often as we are always changing and updating this fun, interactive area.


Smart Car

  The Messengers International has two "Smart Cars". These "Smart Cars" are the most environmentally conscious vehicles on the road! Click here to read how The Messengers International is saving our environment.
2 Green Pages
  Check our listings of environmentally friendly business. Click here to read more.
3 Angel Points Loyalty program
  Click here to access the Angel Points Program