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Time Saving Tips
  • Open your mail over the recycling bin.
  • Put stamps and return address labels on envelopes as you open your mail.
  • Cook enough to have leftovers for the next days lunch or dinner.
  • Set the coffee pot before you go to bed.
  • Schedule meetings for 45 minutes. Use the extra 15 minutes to complete meeting minutes, follow up notes & call individuals that need to know the outcome of that meeting.
  • Prepare standing agenda for meetings you chair and create a meeting notes template.
  • Delegate as much as possible, inform the individual you've delegated the work to as to how & when you want an update.
  • Set sprinklers to water at 2:00 AM
  • Have everything ready in the morning, including lunches packed, purse and work bag by the door.
  • Program multiple voicemails for your office. Standard message, out of the office for a day or two and a message for when you'll be out of the office for an extended time.
  • Cook a whole pan of chicken on the weekend. Chop and freeze for salads, stir frys, salad toppings, etc..
  • Use a grocery/wholesale club list and circle things you need to buy as you throw out the container of the used up item.
  • Keep a single folder of coupons for places you regularly shop at.
  • Crock-Pot dinners!
  • Leave for work earlier to avoid traffic.
  • Set up automatic bill payment for bills.
  • Freeze meat in marinade for quick meals later. Add an "eat by date" or "toss date" on the bag.
  • Soak a used dryer sheet in really dirty pans overnight. The "gunk" melts away easily.
  • Clean a room a night, rather than all of them on the weekend.